Case study: Order & Eat., Swiggy or Zomato? : EP 5

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Welcome to my Case study episode, today we will see why “Order & Eat” are popular among us. In this case study you will understand the “why Swiggy?” and “why Zomato?” what makes this product in everyone’s smartphone in India this is a comprehensive subject not a lot of numbers which needs to discuss because already it is available many competitive places.

Let’s start with basic what they all about…..

  • Swiggy is just 8 years old company with a good market monopoly in the food delivery industry.
  • **Use case: Delivering food from restaurant to doorstep**
  • Zomato is just 14 years old company with a vast number of restaurants in the online restaurant industry
  • **Use case: Booking table to dine in any restaurants**

Given the current scenario, not many restaurants are allowing the consumer to dine in but they are allowing take away though. Still, consumers can order the takeaway from Zomato instead of dining eventually they also in the food delivery industry like Swiggy.

It is all about how did the “Use case” is been addressed from the Product development perspective.

Dodo: Can we go to the restaurant to eat?

User: Let me check in the Swiggy, a restaurant with delicious food at a good deal which was marvelous.

God: Isn’t the Zomato Job to suggest you the best place “go-to eat”?!

User: Do they? But I am interested in Food if it is good I will go there or else why do I?

Author: From the comparison, in near future, Swiggy will bring better insight on the choice of the restaurant based on the User or Dodo choice.

God: Is Zomato is doing well because in Swiggy have Genie, Swiggy mart feature even medicine delivery is also available to your doorstep.

User: Maybe they can do way better-giving offers on a dine-in option or better offers on takeaway instead. They should better stick to use case or maybe they should connect street vendors to the consumer on the mobile application instead.

Dodo: I would love it, a small bike ride to somewhere nice away from city life and having delicious Maggi

User: Sounds good.

Author: Why do people still have both applications in smartphones?

User: If I don’t get offers in Swiggy I will switch to Zomato for an offer and then use it.

God: Do you still find Zomato suggesting you a restaurant or a drive-through or takeaway offers?

Dodo: Nope! Once you open it shows only restaurants with food options like Swiggy they not doing it correctly, I think so!?

Author: Despite the current pandemic we can think and say “it is OK” to Zomato on performance on comparing to the use case it had started!

God: As per the Author, what do you think of Zomato and Swiggy?

User: I don’t even mind, I just want my food to doorstep whatever the service provider is?

Dodo: That is a cold way to put it in, but I love them both because of product design but they took serious inspiration…

Author: Hold on, Dodo let me add the brownie point here, the app development, design is way better in China (T mall, D mall, Alibaba), Japan, and much in developing country because you can also check in play-store how each every space is been used and how to end consumer can use it.

In conclusion, the user needs the best food with good offers. For restaurants can for consumers and yep still some people needed the one who wants to go for a mini ride or drive to enjoy their time.

God is just worried about the investment done on the company that is maybe or not be addressing the use case properly.

Author: I hope this read can go very vast and very long with some quantification or more verbal and subjective but it is also important for us to know why reason and why we installed the application in our phone.

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