How to Solve Problems with Technology.

Venkatesh Varan
3 min readNov 14, 2021

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Problems are defined when we experience some “Unforeseen issues”, “Unwelcome situation”. Based on the Problem we start thinking that. “How to solve these?”, “How to overcome?”, “How to foresee the issues”, and Majorly “How to Solve the Problem with Technology?”.

Technology we made our daily easy and same likewise we never stopped pushing our limits and we are still pushing ourselves to Mars. Technology is something related to computers, machinery, and Applied science these have some practical impact on our daily life. Technology is not just only related to computers it is everywhere like “Chetan Bhagat’s 5 point someone or “3 Idiots” Or “Nanban”.

I know this is a very vast topic but thinking on the very basis of some Problems statement is very important.

For example

I have a problem talking in Public speaking. Now how can solve it?

Step 1: Ask yourself a set of questions like?

User: Is Public speaking will help me in my life?

God: Yes, dummy! You can become a Politician, Spoke person for an Organization, or Someone like Elon or Jeff. And Much More ….. Which is super cool!!!

Supportive links: Medium, Princeton, and pragmatic Institute

Step2: Ask yourself how long will it take to get there? How to analyze stuff like that? How to develop?

User: Ok! How to achieve it? and How can I speak like Elon or Jeff?

God: They stick to the point and they are clear what are they up to like One wants to Die on Mars and Another is trying to be the world’s number richest person (no hard feeling Jeff!). More on that they are very sticky towards the Use case they defined (Maybe Elon will be God of Mars).

You can always search me how to analyze stuff like that and watch video platform (I bought it for 3% now making very well year now)

Supportive links: Smart Goal, Jira Company

Step3: How deliver now? Who are all my end users?

User: Now I have learned Public speaking, Now where should I go next?

God: Become Now run for election brainwash people with your idea whatever maybe. My personal favorite child is “Trump”.

“Keep calm do business like Trump”. We love this guy.

Supportive link: “Go Search yourself”

Author: Now, readers, we have seen the above conversation about what happened to how the user becomes a US president. Now, It’s your turn to take a problem any kind of it start solving it. If you stick to your point you can billionaire in no time or just regular 9–6 person rest of your life.

God: Technology moves with time. Technology will never stop growing (Like Cyberpunk games., Not pointing bugs in the application more or like Director vision about the cities and technology in the Game)

User: Whatever dawg?

Plan, organize, Foreseen the issue, Execute it within the deadline with Budget (Time = Money).

Now, what is your Problem? What is your goal? What are the expected outcomes? What is expected? Ask yourself a question it doesn’t matter if the solution already exists in the Market. It matters how you are addressing the Problems how well we sticking towards the solution.

Some inspiration like “Swiggy Vs Zomato Online food delivery company

many more search results are there but now let’s stick to the use case. Now go solve problems with technology…

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