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The “1st & 3rd Person Play” and Metaverse GamePlay: EP 2

Venkatesh Varan
3 min readNov 15, 2021


Hi Reader,

Please enjoy my second episode here we gonna talk about games, some PS5, Xbox, AI base games, AR & VR games, and Metaverse. Now-a-days people start consuming more games and the market of the Gaming Industry is skyrocketed. So, game developers getting more creative like making AI-based games, AR & VR games, and on heavy brainstorming, we introduced Metaverse.

Why PS5, Xbox: Game developers start making very high graphics with loads of coding in which case some low configuration PC, some PS, and some Xbox won’t support. Such games so every time you need to play let’s say on average of 4 years (Reference link: Go search youself ) you need to upgrade like mobile phone (I am still the Nokia user)


User: Hey God, what is 1st person and 3rd person play?

God: Hmm, if you are driving your car is 1st person play, and if you let your girlfriend drive the car and watching the Cop racing behind that will be 3rd person play.

User: OK! How is it relevant to metaverse or any other advanced gaming?

God: There are lots of popular AR game and my personal favorite Ubisoft make it every ending its goosebumps specially Assassin’s creed. And Somehow you survived the glitch in the matrix that is why you are still alive 4th part that’s Metaverse or the movie called “Ready player one” which is based on the Metaverse not similar to “Spider-man into the verse”. Don’t get confused.

User: OK! what shall I do now?

God: I guess still there is a glitch and maybe this time you have to kill all the agents to complete your task Neo. All the best.

Author: Maybe this is my Metaverse world. I am the Creator! I have the apple of Eden! So, now you reader you also now have knowledge of the Metaverse and I am listing the list of AR games, VR games, and Metaverse games.


User: God! I have killed the Author! This is for the brotherhood. Now, I have the apple of Eden I will hide it and never disclose the information.

God: What have you done!? This is only the beginning someone is watching you.

User: I think now I have to log out and report to my office Abstergo in San Francisco.

Ghost Author: May this episode of Metaverse will need another episode understand I think. Maybe be someone from Abstergo will find all the truth when they play my role.

Top VR games, Top AR games, Metaverse

Now reader, if you think the above conversation happened somewhere near your home that is Metaverse. If you read the above conversation as an Author, that is 1st person. If your friend reads it out loud that is 3rd person.

The new game will hit the market, new technology will hit the market, likewise, new data will flow or crypto will hit the market.

Be a fighter like in Tekken!

Report to COD!

Love Dota!

Be the Creed!

Lost in the verses!

See you in the next episode..,

P.S: Maybe I should start buying the Metaverse Crypto coins

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