Web 1.0 Vs Web 2.0 Vs Web 3.0 Vs Web 4.0

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Author: Dear Reader, Welcome to my 6th Episode of Web! Here today we will be discussing the webs and more webs with some examples in real-time. How it is going to help us in our daily life routine?

User: Hey Man? so what is web basically?

God: Web is a static page with a bunch of information and with hyperlinks to each information and it is a primitive platform where the user comes down for a piece of information and this is called “Web 1.0” (Static website, Hyperlink and Read-only) that time people use it for the advertisement and post information on the page (1999–2004 or 2005)

Dodo: God is right!

God: If we move a little forward we have Web2.0 (2004 or 2005 — Till present) , what is happening here is the IT revolution started exploding with Data, and user can collect data on the website or share information on the Internet. This is where Internet knows how to read and write. This leads to many billion-dollar companies as well trillion-dollar companies as well may be in near future it going to beyond trillion-dollar US.

User: Do I have a control on people? and there Data?

Dodo: User can do Blogging like Author does, YouTube, Facebook aka META, and all sorts of website

God: Yes! you are right Dodo, but user is always a dumb doing something creative idea user can give there Data very easily.

Now, Let’s talk Web 3.0 maybe its in-progress or it is already something that hardly to get our hands on this could be a case. Web 3.0 it is hard to get on and it is invite only maybe because it is decentralized data platform user can access without any credentials and explore the web 3.0 to offer this can anything, user can surf anything without digital footprint. This involves loads of Machine learning and Blockchain user case involved.

Author: These three people are in my blog so they can explore my world since I have invited them this is one of the way web 3.0 will work and there is something called Semantic web involved which helps tailor the information and search based on the user’s need example Siri, Alexa, and Hey! Google.

But there is possibilities that we may or may not have the browser for the web 3.0

God: Thanks man! that is one way to put it and we not done with web 3.0 there are loads of item which needs to be addressed on the product management perspective.!

Author: Maybe later?

God: And who is Dodo?

Author: Maybe later I will explain who is that or you can Google about Dodo.

Dodo: Hey! What about the Web 4.0 ?

Author: BOOM!!!!! this is where you can expect terminator story. Intelligence learning! Self learning! Self organizing! Connect the all devices in the real and virtual world in real time.

Dodo: That is fast! and what you guys think sounds good?!

User: Sounds AWESOME!!

God: Told ya, user is dumb and give them anything interesting and see them go crazy

Author: How about web 5.0 ?

God: Wait you didn’t talk about it in title..

Author: That is the whole point my readers can have brownie point on my every blog something new.

User: What is it? tell me?

Author: This is where emotions of Human(User) and Machine connected, currently web doesn’t understand user emotions and feelings. But web 5.0 can make this reality.

God: Sounds like Black mirror episode

User: Exactly!

Dodo: Well, how it is going to help us?

Author: Until we reach the web4.0 we can say we will survive after that machine can work for us can do boring jobs.

Also, here I would like everyone picture something here about future.

Let’s take the Elon musk’s Neuralink company which in future can copy human consciousness and can be uploaded in the Meta-universe. And can be downloaded to Tesla Robot.

They above line sounds insane level application of technology in our Human race vs machine race.

Dodo: That did sound like something futuristic and some movie line or something different…

God: By me! So, I have created an perfect technology instead of Human

User: Damn! That’s great let’s do it.

Author: Be like user and enjoy the technology. Every race and every philosophy has its start and end nothing is infinite but we have definite values.

User: Go Team 1’s and 0’s

Dodo: User are really dumb.

God: Told ya.

Author: Anyway lets focus on the current as well future since we are it.

User: End of the Day, I will be Judge of anything that is user power!

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