What is Metaverse? Meta-crypt-currencies.. : EP 3

Venkatesh Varan
3 min readNov 26, 2021

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Meta verse is like living in a dream with “Logic and Technology”. One must understand what is Logic? And Technology!?

Metaverse is a single word. Why it is introduced now? Why not earlier? Why not after 30 years? What is it all about? How end consumers will react to it? Will you be able to use it?

There are many questions which we have but all can be cleared if you understood the base use case of this technology.

User case:

  1. It allows the users to be in the virtual world
  2. It allows the users to do transactions
  3. It allows users to buy cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse world
  4. There can be multiple worlds in Metaverse
  5. Extra, ETC, Many more, Google search it………

If you already watched the movie called “Matrix series” it is all about the Metaverse which was introduced long back “1999” which is cool! In the movie, if you die in Metaverse you die in real life (Because your brain accepts it so does your body).

God: Where are you now? I mean are you still in the Metaverse?

User: Which one?

God: The matrix one.

User: I got bored and I am in another metaverse world

God: Do they accept my dollar?

User: Nope! Only Crypto!

God: Dang it! So how cool is it?

User: I can explore lots of places and buy things that are not possible in real life

God: Like what?

User: Nuclear weapon and something like that

God: Wait what?! What will you do with that?

User: Maybe something cool like space exploration

God: How long you can use it? Do we have to pay for it?

User: Yes there are different set memberships and it’s invite-only!

Author: Due to “Technology” advancement in the industry and hardware improvement we are now in Metaverse what is beyond this technology is “AI: NFC”. Please watch a movie called “Free guy”, “Matrix”. To understand better the Metaverse.

User: Hey! Can you give me “Metamore Tokens” in exchange in will give you 100 Bitcoins in exchange?

God: What is that new Token?

User: God, their many types of Metaverse tokens are there now this one is very much in trend and worth fortune.

God: WTF!? Hey, we haven’t implemented the best use case for the “Tokens and Crypto coins” to end consumers. How come this Token of yours is so in-demand which is not even yet defined the use case properly WTF? Again!

User: It’s called Human evolution or Evolving! Which you only created. Lolz! Get it together Man! We use this token to buy things that we are not supposed to buy. Maybe in real life, we also can buy it. Not sure of that let me check with Author

Author: Maybe they both gonna explore Metaverse using whatever tokens or whatnot. If the token’s use case is defined for the end-user to consume and use it in a rotation like the current cash flow we have. Then can it be called the successful replacement of currency in all over countries

What is your future investment with Crypto with respect to metaverse? Do you think this metaverse going to replace real-time jobs? What do you think of Metaverse now?

It’s better and gets better.

User: Oops! I am blocked from this metaverse all my currency is stuck now!

God: Lolz. Too much evolving!

User: Lesson learned!

God: What have you learned? Share it here!

User: Nope! Let them experience the Metaverse then I will share after that

Author: Maybe you all should give it a try and buy meta currency and explore and evolve in this world.

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